Krautrock, Synthpop Anyone?

I’m A.S. Swanski. I do a lot of things. Music is one of them. I write and play songs. I need this. Music has been my love all my life. Plus, I have this urge to create something I haven’t heard before.

In a time when algorithms decide which music is worth listening to, and with “alternative” artists that are often as dull as the mainstream, we need songs that make you wonder what the hell is happening here. Music that asks questions rather than saying I love you. Music with depth, as a famous music promotor calls it. That’s what I try to make.

If this sounds a little weird to you: press reviews say that my songs move between cinematic krautrock and disturbing synthpop. Not my words, but it sounds good. And feel free to add some dark ambient and post-punk. It’s experimental music, yet with a strange pop sensibility. Simple and complex, dark and light, sweet and sour.

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In the meantime I have a coffee and a sandwich. Yes, I’ve got to eat, too. What a busy life!




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