Lampedusa – New Single Inspired By Migrant Crisis

I never planned to release a single this year, but sometimes you have no choice. Here’s Lampedusa.

Two years ago I recorded a song inspired by the stream of boat refugees on the Mediterranean. Desperate people hoping for a better life, a search that all too often ended in a dramatic death.

This song is now a single, called Lampedusa.

I wrote Lampedusa when I was working on my 2014 album, Zafari. Musically it didn’t fit in with the material on the album. Despite its weird break, Lampedusa was more of an alternative rock track that had little in common with the atmospheric and experimental Zafari.

Lampedusa was put on the shelves, but suddenly became topical with the outbreak of the so-called European migrant crisis that has been making headlines over the past few weeks. I mean, who hasn’t seen the pic of the drowned boy?

Click below to download the song.

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