My Top-10 Of Most Influential Albums That Changed My Life

10 most influential albums

You must have seen them, all these posts on Facebook and other social media sites from people listing the albums that have influenced their life in some way. Lists are fun and music lovers seem to be keen on them so I thought I’d share my Top-10 with you.

These are not my favourite albums, though. Well, some would definitely be in my Top-10 of alltime favs, but they are mentioned here only because they influenced me so much that my life would be different now, had I not heard them.

Here they are, in alphabetical order (by title).

Popol Vuh – Aguirre

The brainchild of German eccentric Florian Fricke has made so many impressive albums, constantly renewing its sound, and until the late 1980s never losing its magic, but this one sticks out because of the title track. Aguirre (L’acrime di rei) is simply one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever recorded. One that adds a dimension to your life of which you never knew that it existed. I think that’s enough reason to list it here.

Joy Division – Closer

I had just received this album (vinyl, back then) for my 15th birthday when I went on holiday to Austria with my parents. I took a tape of Closer with me which I frantically listened to in the icy Alps. It was everything but a happy vacation with lots of quarrels, but Closer‘s emotional depth and musical richness gave me comfort. And what a sound! Martin Hannett was the Conny Plank of his generation. Two years later, I played my first gig, and one song we did was Joy Division’s Exercise One (from Still). (more…)

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