Zafari gets great reviews

It’s been rather quiet on the A.S. Swanski front lately. Why? I’ve been busy with lots of other things, all meant to bring in some money to survive and create more Swanski tunes in the near future.

After all, in this day and age you can’t rely on album sales as an artist and when you don’t have a bestselling album, you won’t find any gigs either. Yes, being a recording artist is like living in a vicious circle and nothing I can recommend if you want to make a living. I’m not going to complain though. I guess, you know how things work in the liberating world of the Internet.

Nevertheless, my album Zafari (do you have a copy? no, you haven’t! get it here) at least got two very positive reviews. Sleeping Bag Studios wrote it was “extremely special” and accurately described the album as “piano-driven in sound, with experimentations of all kinds happening around the surrounding melodies”. The reviewer concludes that “it’s rare to stumble across true innovation and new music…but A.S. Swanski has certainly pulled that off here on Zafari”.

CrossRadar described the album song by song and wrote that the album “leaves the scene with the sense that something quite strange, but quite beautiful, has just happened”. Like Sleeping Bag, CrossRadar particularly hails WW and Futura, apparently two songs that really stand out from the rest. Maybe time for a video, A.S.?

The press page has links to the reviews.

I hope to spend more time on new music the coming months and there’s still a bunch of tracks waiting for release, so A.S. Swanski won’t be lost for the music industry yet. Have a great summer (or winter, depending where you are)!

Zafari – Track By Track

Posted on November 6th, 2014   No Comments

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